Monday, December 26, 2011

Family Outing...................

Southern Cross and Pointers - From Google Images
On Christmas Eve, hubby and I took the kids to the Auckland Stardome.

To see the show at 8pm about what can be seen in the sky on a summer night!

It was ok - informative - but not quite what we were expecting, but I think we might need to try them again when they have more of a story one being shown.

One of the kids enjoyed it, the other not so much.  Hubby and me - Take it or Leave it!

We weren't able to look thru the big telescope as the night sky was cloudy but they did give us all a rain check voucher (good for six months) so that we can go back and view the sky - so that was good.

So that is the first of my family outings for my 44 Things List!

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