Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Lovely Package Exchange...............

From Oh Hello Friend Package Exchange

 I entered into the lovely package exchange on Oh hello Friends website whose website I find so inspiring.
Anyway the lovely Danni organised a package exchange and those outside of America got match up as best as she could.

I got the lovely Britt Kee  who can be found at www.brittkee.com. who is located in Korea!

In my haste to get her parcel to her I forgot to photograph it - but luckily she has done a post about it - you can check it out here.

 Pictures taken from Britt Kee's blog

It included some pens as I know she is an artist
Some keys - as mentioned in her quick bio for the exchange
Some cat ornaments as she loves cats
Little shapes to add to letters and packages
Some more tags for parcels
Some large plastic buttons
Dottie Tape
Plain Tags
Some papers with New Zealand scenes
And some Pineapple lumps  - a Kiwi Favourite.

My parcel has just arrived as pictured below:

It is amazing - I love all of it - which includes

Korean Handmade Paper - Awesome
One of her watercolour prints - Awesome!
Wasbi tape - Love the colours
Lace Tape  - LOVE LOVE LOVE This - have seen it on blogs but not up personal
Pink Package Tape - so cool
Messge in a bottle - LOVE this as well -so cute!
Timy pegs - Love them!
Pink Feathers - Cool
Pink Twine - Super Cool
Pink Think tinsel - Cute!
Little Prescription Pill Messages - Amazing and so cute!

Love it all!!! - A big thanks to Britt Kee for my wonderful parcel.
Also a big thank you to Danni for organising this exchange - will definetly do it again!

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Britt Kee said...

Yay! I am happy you enjoy all the items! Definitely an excellent idea, and I had a blast putting it together:)