Monday, December 19, 2011

Part Time Hours Today............

My morning was very eventful today!

I left home at 6.40am to walk to catch the train - no worries there - altho my body was "what the hell ya doing to me today!.

Got to the train - all good - altho the conductor mentioned that we had to get off at Otahuhu and wait for the shuttle train as they have started the maintenance on the trains already.

Ok I thought - should be good.

Off we go and at the third stop - we are waiting and waiting (about 10 minutes) then the next minute we are told that there has been a fatality at the Middlemore Hospital stop and we are to hop off the train and head to the bus stop as they will supply buses to take us to Otahuhu station

So off we all go .........................

Half an hour of waiting and we are finally told - nope head back to the train!

Off we go again - once on the train we are told that we are getting off at Puhinui station (three stops away)

Once at Puhinui station we walk up a temporary overramp towards the waiting buses.

Drive the equvilant of two more stops (passed the middlemore hopsital and there is lots of police and a stopped train!)

Hop off and walk to the Otahuhu Station and proceed to wait another 15 minutes for a two car train!

Finally got to my stop in Penrose (another two stations away) and began the 20 minute walk to work.

Arrived at 9.40am!

So three hours from door to door!

Oh and then tonight I am leaving at 4pm with a coworker who is going to drive me home since the train service sucks at the moment!

Yay - I get to enjoy a nice part time day on full time wages!! (will make the time up over the next couple of days - altho work is sweet about it all!)

So please Mr Universe can I have a non eventful remainder of the week!


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