Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Words of Wisdom.....

An excerpt from Craig Harpers recent post about Instant Gratification, the below part reminded me of me....... - the me I want to forget

Then there’s the woman who has wanted to lose weight for years. And years. She constantly sabotages her weight-loss endeavours with her need for some instant taste-bud pleasure. Hour after hour. Day after day. Despite the fact that she hates how she looks and feels, her need for instant caloric gratification keeps her trapped on the slippery slope of over-eating, self-loathing and depression. Eating gives her instant (albeit fleeting) pleasure but not eating doesn’t give her instant weight-loss, so eating it will be.

I am trying to be the new me - the one who will do the hard yards to get to her weight loss goal, the one who changes her eating habits of a lifetime to ones that will stay with her into her new life of healthy eating and wellbeing.

The road is tough and I am sure I will stumble but as long as I get back up again I will win!


Anonymous said...

Oh my God did he write that about me? That's bizarre I am that person - I hope you will allow me to copy that and use it to motivate me I am so sick of going around in circles. Anyway lets do it together, you and I have been around for a while but if we work hard 2012 can be our year!!

Pinky said...

Go for it Bec - Yes lets make 2012 our year!