Monday, January 9, 2012

Dancing Tonight!...........

Woo Hoo - I am off to a dance class tonight! Can't wait!
My usual classes don't start till next Tuesday so my friends and I are heading off to Pakuranga tonight to go to another class as we are missing dancing!
So looking forward to it and it is good to go to other classes as you can pick up new moves and sometimes with a different teacher explaining something a different way it all of a sudden finally clicks in place and I am able to "get" what they are all talking about!

Lets hope theres some nice eye candy!!!


Jane said...

3.2 loss, that is awesome, well done. You must be so proud of how you handled the weekend away.

My sister-in-law is a "go on, one won't hurt" type of lady, but when you're a size 4-6 like she is, I suppose 1 doesn't hurt every now and then. 3.2kg, I can't get over how fantastic that is! What an amazing start to the year.

Enjoy your dancing :)

Pinky said...

Thanks Jane - it was a great loss couldn't believe it myself. I did a complete overhaul of what I ate - there was no chocolate, no cheese (two majors) and lots of water.I don't expect a big loss like that again in a hurry.

Jane said...

I use the Light Laughing Cow spreadable cheese wedges from the fridge section at the supermarket. I am going to post a picture of it on the blog so you can see the box.