Monday, January 2, 2012

Holidays Ramblings

I have been pottering around my house these last few days I have off.
I am in the middle of decluttering and moving furniture around to see what works best were!

I have also reduced the blogs I follow as it was getting out of hand and I was only really reading a few (lots of craft ones tho - that is the hardest one to sort out!)
I have also reduced "my friends" on facebook and am only going to keep it at 100 - there were a lot that I knew but never saw in person and our lives aren't that connected so I thought best to remove them from facebook, I am going to have a think about a couple more and may even drop a few more.
It does feel good to be reducing things in my life - lets hope the weight follows soon!.

Hubby is busy getting ready for a sports holiday programme is going to be running for the 3 full weeks of Janaury.
My daughter is currently in Huntly staying with a friend for a few days
And my little man is "making do" with playing around the house and constently asking to do this and that of which we say no (roll on payday! - it sucks monthly pays!)

Weightloss journey is going good - I need to get out and have a walk or a bike ride today - maybe thats something Liam and I can do together - maybe the Botanical gardens??

Well thats me for today - must also try and get in some crafting!

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Chris H said...

I hope you enjoy your walk!
The Gardens is a lovely place to walk...