Tuesday, January 31, 2012



The last couple of days have been hard food wise for me!

It all started on Saturday for some strange reason when I thought, whilst doing the shopping, lets get a few treats for me - low fat options of course.

So I got some hummus - smallest container - so I could portion it out some to have with the rice crackers we had in the cupboard.
I also brought a small container of sherbert as it was on special to try.
Also a 2 pack of some chocolate mousse.
And also some buns with ham and coleslaw for our lunch that day!

Lets just say - buy the morning of Sunday  not alot of the above was left!

Sunday wasn't much better - snacking away

Monday - I had a lamb kebab for lunch (The works one!)


BUT, I am back on track today and it is a low point day for sure!

I think it all came about thru boredom and thinking I can allow a few little treats into the house for me!
When clearly it is too soon for those!

So the next couple of days I will chug the water down, eat sensibly and try and incorporate a bit more excercise into my day!

Wish me luck!


Chris H said...

Yep, I was like that too.
AND I've used that picture too! lol

Pinky said...

Great minds aye! I was looking at non cartoon ones as well but the sites looked like I needed to pay/ask to use them!
New photo looks great!