Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Special K Personal Plans

I thought I would look into the Special K plans that they are advertising and I had seen on a few blogs  I read, so I headed over to their site at to check it out.

I set up my account as was required before I could go any further in the site.

You are then asked to enter in your current weight and your height.


Then the screen goes "cloudy"  and the following popped up:

We calculated your BMI to be either below 18.5 or 40 and over. Unfortunately we don’t have a plan that meets your needs. Why not speak to your Doctor or an Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD) for an eating and exercise plan that is specific for you.

 ARGH!!! - I am either Too Skinny or Too FAT! for this site!

I am guessing its not the first part!

OMG my BMI is in the morbidly obese section!

Now don't get me wrong I know I am overweight but I guess the reality of seeing the Morbidly Obese next to my BMI was like a kick in the big fat guts!

I checked what I need to get down to in the Healthy Weight Range and I need to lose just over 50kgs more from what I weighed at my last weigh in! - Eek that is tiny!

It surely has reinforced my desire to lose this weight once and for all! Cause I want it bad enough!



Amanda said...

That's crap that you can't still sign up. FWIW, you don't look like you have 50kg to lose Pinky.

Pinky said...

Thanks Amanda - I thought the same about! THought they might have had a plan for me - and yeah I don't think I look like I have 50 kgs to loose but I am meant to be around 60kgs -short arse that I am!