Monday, January 16, 2012

Our Pets - The Frogs

After my lovely catch up with Chris at Diet Coke Rocks and her mentioning about our frogs and how she is getting some herself - I thought why not show you them:
Here they are sitting on a rock waiting
Hubby takes a section of the lawn and places it inside the tank
along with some rocks at the bottom and a couple of larger
rocks for them to sit on, he also places a bit a bit of wood in there for them
as well to sit on and view the world, Then fills it up with some water and
neutalises it like you would with a fish bowl.

A closer view of them

This is the top - the orange and white part is what Hubby uses to put the flies in.
Hubby made the top so they can't jump out, altho they know where the flies
come from and have a couple of times managed to jump up and pop open
the orange lid and get out. We now have to keep a heavy item on top of the
orange lid so that they don't get out.

These are my sons ones in a smaller container, these ones have a slightly smaller
piece of lawn placed in and the water is just an old glass container.
Along with some branches for sitting on.
You can't see it but this container has an opening on the top to
drop the flies into.

A close up of one of them who is just sitting around
waiting for his lunch!

There they are - the one closest to us just tried to catch a fly that was on the outside

We have had the two in the larger tank for about 4 years.  The kids and I gave them to hubby one christmas as tadpoles, as he can be hard to buy for sometimes!

The smaller ones we have had nearly two years and again from tadpoles.

Hubby catches the flies by hand - an art form he perfected as a child when he use to have a pet frog.

Altho in winter when the weather gets colder we usually need to buy them from the pet shop.

So there you have it - our frogs

Does anyone else have unusual pets??

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