Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day 63/64 The half way point!

Well I am half way there - where is there???
Well it is from the start - back in May to 4th September - Ceroc Champs!

I am impressed with my focus on this journey (apart from the slip up on Sunday - which I am still paying for!!!) it has been consistent and this is the secret of my success - a Goal to work towards that is over and about gettting to Goal weight - I did it back in 2008 leading up to my 40th birthday party and subsequently let it slip! And now with this goal of loosing for champs I am focussed again!

Now to think about my goals from 4th September onwards - I am hoping with getting to or passing the triple figures that it will be enough to help keep the momento going and I think it will be this time - I am enjoying walking to work/catching the train and with following Weight Watchers on the Wendie plan I feel challenged - in a good way - each week with my points and how best to use them each day.
The key is variation for me and the wendie plan helps me do this!

With 6.1 kgs down I am definetly noticing it in my clothes and am getting closer to needing new clothes but I am going to wait till I am back down to my lowest again of 105kg or maybe lower before buying some new trousers! - I might need to get some new tops as I have only 2 jumpers for winter and I keep them at work, so I need to get something for home.

I started the Prune juice last night - and had another large glass of it this morning - it wasn't that bad!
I also have some kiwifruit for morning tea today so i am hoping that it will sort a few things out soon!

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GaeChann said...

I've discovered the joys of "op shopping" whilst losing weight!

I only go for "brand-name" goods as the quality is there and only for a few dollars!

I've dropped from size 22 to size 16 and now often fit into size 14 clothes!

It would have been madness, not to say a big drain on my wallet, to have bought new clothes as I dropped in size.

The only BIG clothes I've kept is the outfit that I wore to my very first WW meeting - 12 months ago today!

All the very best as you continue to put in the hard yards and make consistent good food choices!

Gae ooxoxo