Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 64/63 Sneeky Peek Day

Well the scales this morning at 6am showed a .100 gram gain.
I am ok with this as I have a few days to get it moving but one thing that is hindering me is my tummy!
From the food eaten on Sunday and the day off on Monday because of it - I have felt tender and blocked for a few days now so was glad it showed only .100grams as it feels like a kilo!
I need to get my bowels moving!!!!!!!
Any suggetions!!!
Prune juice?????

A very good lesson learnt here with changing your eating - you can not go back to eating sweet, high point/calorie food like before - the body does not like it!!!!

Dance class last night went well - and ended with a late night again - once I have finished helping out on the door I will be able to leave earlier again!
We start fridays this week as well - so I am hoping to go along to Friday nights at least every fortnight - as paying for twice a week is not in the budget yet!

So onwards with the day - sushi for lunch - yum!!! since it is car day today - and lucky for me that it is as it is raining again!!!

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Deb said...

Yes definitely prune juice. It's gentle and it works!! It will improve the weight loss too.