Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 69/58 Walking and Singing in the Rain.......

This morning while getting ready I checked the weather and it looked ok.
I began the walk to the train station and there were a few drops of rain but ok,
During the train journey I noticed that it was still quite dark outside but no rain drops on the window.
I then arrived at the stop for me to get off and …………… it was raining!!
So I had a nice brisk walk in a light intermittent rain fall singing along to the radio!


Yummy egg for brekkie, an apple for morning snack, followed by a yummy tuna salad for lunch – so apart from the tuna all non processed foods for me. Then it falls down with my WW bar for afternoon snack!

The rain has continued to pour down today and at the moment there is a break in it - and I hope that it is still there in an hour when I leave to go home

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