Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 78/49 Stop Juggling -

Instalment Three for Me in Overcoming Frustration as inspired by Craig Harper

3. Stop Juggling. Stop doing fifty things poorly and focus your time and energy on doing the important things well. That is, prioritise. I had to learn this lesson as I once had a propensity to bite off more than I could chew. Many of us simply take on more things than we can do well. Sometimes the answer is to put certain things on hold in order to be able to make progress in other areas. As a rule, over-commitment leads to exhaustion, anxiety and frustration. And, eventually, physical illness. So, what’s the best use of your time, skill and energy right now? The answer to that question is your starting point.

This is one thing I have had to learn early on and that is I need to be organised in the different aspects of my life (work, home, weight loss, craft, etc) or I get overwhelmed and nothing goes right and nothing gets done which leads me to greater levels of frustration!

The main thing for me is having “my ducks all in a row” – so I don’t have to worry about Juggling - overall I am pretty consistent with this and do notice that when I am feeling frustrated and overwhelmed it is because some thing has happened to make “my ducks start doing the conga” in one of my “life’s” – I then go and sort it, resolve the problem and all is good again in the land of Pinky!

Weight loss wise - today is minus 1 point day on the Wendie plan so I have planned out my meals accordingly – had a last minute change of lunch so that I have a nice low point salad tomorrow which is the last day and a -4 point day!

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