Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 70/57 Its COLD COLD COLD!!!!

You guess it – it is cold today!

The walk to work was brisk and cool and when I got to work my arms were red from the chill of the air! –NICE!!!!!!!!!!

Food today was again mainly processed!

This is going to be a lot harder that I thought it would be – I really need to sit down and think long and hard about this as an option - maybe the start is trying to become more aware of the processed foods I eat and see what substitutes I could do - altho as Gae mentioned in the comments – no cheese! – eek! And really all I will be left with is my fruit, veges, eggs, meat and fish!

OH NO!!!!

Might be easier to go vegetarian??? But what about chicken??? I eat a lot of that!

On a side note – how do I add in a random photo and then have my text above and under it???
And where do people find the random photos???

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