Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day 80/47 Looking Within

Whilst walking home last night to the train I thought about the post from yesterday with Craig Harpers insightful words and thought I need to investigate them more in relation to me.

1. Don’t Try to Change People. Trying to change others (we’ve all done it) is an exercise in frustration and, at times, disconnection and aggravation. Giving people unwanted advice, direction or feedback (no matter how well-intended) will invariably end in tears – either literally or metaphorically. Keep in mind that unwanted input is typically interpreted as criticism

So Beginning with the first one above;

I have recently come to the realization that altho a very dear friend wants advice and guidance from me with regards to different aspects of her life – I am getting very frustrated with her not ‘altering” her ways after we have spoken.
I have realized that she needs to come to these conclusions herself and in her own time and no matter how often or long we discuss the issues she is not going to change until she is ready. So I have decided to stop giving her advice regarding the situation – I will still be there to listen and nod but I will not comment – she needs to work it out herself and implement it!


WOW that feels good making that decision!

Today is my high day on the Wendie plan and it is a good food day!!!
I had my 6.5 point smoothie for breakfast
Soup and toast for lunch
Lots of Snacks for thru out the day
Subway and a cookie for dinner

Followed by Dance Class

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Thinking about going on the wendie plan - looking forward to see how your first weeks go