Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 79/48 Mid Week Peek and Emotional Energy

So carrying on from the Craig’s Harpers post two days ago - today I am thinking about:

2. Stop Wasting Your Emotional Energy. Control what you can and let go of what you can’t. All too often we invest our emotional energy into things (situations, circumstances, issues) over which we have little, or no, control. Not surprisingly, sending our blood pressure through the roof while screaming at a sporting event on television (for example) won’t change the outcome. Or the umpire’s stupid decisions. In fact, the only thing it might do is send us to an early grave. Oh, and possibly, annoy the crap out of everyone else within earshot.

This one is a good one for me to sort out! – I am a what if person – what if this happens – what if they do this and not that – what if they don’t like me – what if? What if? What if?

So how do I go about sorting this one out? - I know not to worry but I do – I know not to let it get to me if they don’t like (and I did nothing wrong) but I do.

This one may take me longer to sort out in my head/life but I will consciously make myself aware of it.

Sneak peek this morning saw the scales showing me a nice low number! – I must remember tho that I am sneak peeking at 1.5 hours earlier than I would weigh so can’t take it for gospel that I am having a good loss – but it does help keep me in good spirits for a few days.

Normal point day on the Wendie plan today so nothing overly changed from my normal Wednesday meals – ie sushi for lunch YUM

Oh and thanks again to Kazz who has been so helpful with my pestering questions re the wendie plan - Kazz it is greatly appreciated.
I might have one more:P

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