Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day 75/52 Going Solo.......

Instalment Six for Me in Overcoming Frustration as inspired by Craig Harper

6. Stop Relying on Others to Get You There (wherever there is). It’s great to have support, encouragement and help along the way, but it’s not great to be totally dependant on others to make our dreams a reality. While it’s healthy to be part of a team of people who are all on the same page and all moving in the same direction, it’s still important for us to be functional, productive and effective on our own. Independant and strong. Being totally reliant on someone else (to reach our goals) is an exercise in both frustration and disempowerment

This is so true - we are all going along the same path but we have to make our own decisions and accept the consequence or reward of those decisions.
I learnt this early on that it is up to me to make the right choices, it is up to me to encourage myself to excercise, if is going to be its up to me

Yes some days it is hard and I have made the wrong choices and that has spiralled into a couple of months of bad eating and no excercise - might be why I put on the 8-10 kgs after successfully loosing them for my 40th!
But you know what - I am back in the groove and I am making the most of the situation!
Good choices are being made!

Today is a bit overcast in Auckland and not alot has been planned for it - I have dance reshersals at 2-4pm but up to then I am not sure what I will do - there are a couple of soccer games I might go and watch but there there is a craft table calling my name - oh dear who will win????

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