Monday, June 21, 2010

Day 74/53 Monday

Final Instalment of Seven for Me in Overcoming Frustration as inspired by Craig Harper

7. Compare Yourself to Others – with Caution. Comparing ourselves to others rarely results in something positive. It can, but typically, it won’t. Invariably, it will focus our attention on what we don’t have or what we haven’t done and lead to self-pity and/or frustration. Having said that, it can work in our favour when we make it. Comparisons can be a positive when we use the achievements of others with similar attributes, potential and opportunities (to us) as a source of motivation, inspiration, learning and perspective for our own journey

Comparing to other- yes this is something I have done in the past and it lead me to a not very nice place – self loathing and doubting!

A lesson that needs to be learnt for success, on the weight loss journey, and one that I have had to remind myself about many times.

I always remind myself that everyone is different – different lives, responsibilities, weaknesses, etc and these all need to be taken into account when looking at someone’s weight loss journey.

Overall I think this last lot of posts have helped me review my coping mechanism relating to frustration and I think I am at a good place – Long may it last.

My BFF did the Wendie plan as well last week and lost 1.7kgs – she is very happy with it as well.

We are both going to try it again this week and see how we go.

Walk in this morning was good and very refreshing – not to hot, not to cold!

Busy work day but all good – Quiet night ahead in my craft room.

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