Thursday, June 24, 2010

DAy 71/56 Sneaky Peek Wednesday

The scales this morning at 6am showed a .500 loss so far – going in the right direction!(I am checking an hour and a half before my normal weigh in time so I am happy with it.)

Car day today – yah –I am tired this morning!
Dance class last night was great – I managed to nail a few of the spins/drops so was feeling very confident with my dancing ability and was hyped up after class so it took a while to get to sleep!

So to begin the review of processed food here is what I ate today:
Instant Porridge – opps
it was wholegrain oats and nuts – does that count???
1 cup of milk - is this an opps???
Some brown sugar – opps
1 Banana.
1 Apple
Sushi (Tuna, lettuce, rice)
Does this become an opps for the rice???
WW bar – opps
I need to find some other sweet but low point snack to replace this one that is not processed – ideas please
Can of Coke – opps!
POtatoes and peas
Chicken Sausages - Big Opps I think!

So looking at food on day one of the review my fruit and veges are just about the only non processed food I ate - eek!!!!!!!!

Oh well it is a learning curve and I need somewhere to start - right!?!

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GaeChann said...

It isn't easy when you start the No Processed Food eating program!

Everything in a packet or tin is processed! ALL dairy, cheese, yoghurt etc is processed.

Bread is processed.

What you are left with really is fruit, vegetables, eggs, fish & meat!

Good luck with it! Gae oxoxo