Friday, June 18, 2010

Day 77/50 Finally Friday - and Aiming for Perfection???

Instalment Four for Me in Overcoming Frustration as inspired by Craig Harper

4. Stop Aiming for Perfection. Aim for better. Aim for improvement. Aim for growth. Our society’s obsession with perfection has led to unrealistic expectations, unhealthy thinking, mass frustration and disappointment. Of course frustration will be the result when our goal is unattainable. When perfection is the goal, no result will ever be good enough.

I don’t think I consciously aim for perfection – I do aim to improve on past experiences/attempts, so I think this one is all good with me!

WOW Friday is finally here and the last day of the Trial week of the Wendie plan – it is also minus 4 points day – which is all good – depending on dinner tonight – but I can control that by having a salad if I feel the dinner is going to be too high in points.

Can’t wait for tomorrow morning to see the result of my Wendie Plan Week.

TTOTM arrived this morning as well – so fingers crossed that hasn’t affected the body to much with weigh in – sometimes I can have a gain with this time but fingers crossed all good – I have not noticed the pre cycle bloat or any of the other symptoms.

Overall I have enjoyed the week and have found that with the planning of my meals on the high and low days it wasn’t that hard to achieve.

I was also a lot more conscious of my points allocation and found myself not snacking like I normally do.

Only Time will tell – Check in tomorrow for W DAY!

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