Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 82/45 Training Day

Well the weather in Auckland was rainy rainy rainy!

We didn't do much for most of it, altho we did venture out at 11am to watch my friend play football but decided after half an hour that it was too cold so came home instead.

I investigated more about the Wendie plan and am onto day two of it and so far so good.

Oh we did begin our dance routine practise today - and the first 2 minutes are cool!
Now for me to make sure my timing is correct!

Tomorrow is up high point day - so I need to work out where I get the addtional 10 points from - you think it would be easy but when you plan out your day on the normal points and have covered all the food groups - adding in isn't that easy - do I add it in over the meals or one large Mrs Higgins Cookie that is 10.5 points!


Back to work tomorrow and fingers crossed I can walk! - Weather permitting!

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