Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 73/54 Dancing Day!

Another fine day today for walking! – Cool and crisp just the way I like it!

High point day for me today – am trying to mix up the snacks a bit this week and will try something different for dinner next week – altho I do love my Roast Chicken on Honey Oat Sub from Subway!

Since I get to buy my Tuesday night dinner most weeks, other options I was considering where Chinese but then when I began pointing out the meal it was whoa – way to many points for what I wanted!
So other options could be McDonalds, Wendys both would be chicken burgers without chips altho I will point out a small portion.
Based on what I point from Subway including the cookie I can now have (thank you high point day!) I have 12.5 points to use but then I can use some of the points I normally allocate to snacks and stick to the usual apple and WW bar.
Or I could have a lower breakfast and therefore increasing the points available for dinner – oh the choices to be made!!!

Definitely need to think about this a lot more! – Sorry for the ramble!!!

Dancing tonight – yah! – Training for Champs is going well – altho I miss this weekends as my son has a soccer tournament and I have my cousins baby shower to attend – both booked before champ training started!

Oh by the Way GO THE ALL WHITES!!!!!!!!!!!

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